Plastic Waste Container 660L

Ürün Kodu : TK-660P-euroarm
Kategori : Plastik çöp konteynerleri

!!! EURO KOL MODELDİR. YURTDIŞI ÇÖP TOPLAMA ARAÇLARINA UYGUNDUR. !!! All of our plastic mobile waste bins and waste containers comply with European standard EN 840. The CE mark is found in the form of hot stamping on the products; It is also UV resistant, weather resistant, impact resistant at low temperatures, and resistant to heat and chemicals. Green, grey, yellow, brown, blue, red, orange etc. Available in colours. Teknik Konteyner's mobile waste container is ideal for the collection and disposal of general waste, paper, glass, packaging, etc.

Plastic Waste Container 660 L


  • Width: 798 mm
  • Length(Width): 1250 mm
  • Height(h): 1280 mm
  • Wheel Diameter: 200 mm
  • Carrying Capacity: 310 kg
  • Material: HDPE


  • Our 660 Liter Plastic Waste Container is produced from first class durable raw materials.
  • It has four wheels, 2 with brakes and 2 without brakes.
  • It has a cover.
  • Optional pedal can be added.
  • It has handles that are compatible with Garbage Truck Loading systems.
  • Proven by leakproofness tests. It has passed durability tests.
  • There are 10 different color options that do not cause color fading.
  • It is recyclable at the end of its useful life.
  • This garbage container is produced to meet the expectations of users with its robust structure, various color options and environmentally friendly design. It offers a reliable solution as it complies with ISO 9001:2015 and TS-EN 840 standards and has successfully passed durability tests.

The measurements given above are approximate values ​​and there may be +/- 2% deviation in the measurements.

Our 660 L Plastic Waste Containers are produced with first-class product quality under the assurance of TEKNİK KONTEYNER.